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Personality Test Results

Blue/Red - The Doing Relator

I am an industrious person who focuses on goals and proceeds full speed ahead. I am willing to be supportive of others if it helps me achieve my objectives. I do have a genuine desire to complete tasks from start to finish, preferably by myself.
I am highly focused and sometimes forget to ask or seek other people’s opinions. I have a tendency to say ‘I’ instead of ‘we.’
I am competitive and find it difficult to delegate tasks and jobs.
“My tendencies include:”
* I dislike being told what to do or when or how to do something
* I am reluctant to change what I think or how I feel
* I will only delegate tasks when absolutely necessary
* I like to make sure that production is completed on schedule
* I depend a lot on plans for action and follow up routines
* I become tenacious and even more anxious when under pressure
“My Potential Limiters:”
With tasks: Because I am so focused, I could benefit by broadening my perspectives. I need to learn to be effective outside my comfort zone by considering different points of view and finding other ways to achieve my goals. All too often, I am in the ‘either / or’ mode in my decision making and need to practice flexibility.
With people: I must start to show confidence in others by delegating and giving people tasks that will be fulfilling for them. I can also benefit by creating more free time and space in my life, as well as generally appreciating and tolerating differences among people.
* I should ask others to share their ideas on how to accomplish tasks and how to satisfy their needs and expectations.
* I should be more genuinely open with others by revealing my feelings and addressing theirs.
* I should be less afraid to seek guidance or ask for help.`
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Insecurity will destroy you and your relationships with people. To love yourself more is a difficult thing to do if you don’t believe in yourself. Once you believe in your value and inner self worth, life starts to become amazing. People gravitate around you and want to be in your surrounding light. The more you grow in confidence the better your environment becomes. Shine on~ 

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